Hello Friends! This week has been one of the greatest for us, thanks to you guys! On Monday we received a phone call from Juhani Kivikangas, CEO of Teleforum ry Finland. Mr. Kivikangas had some great news to tell us: we were selected as the The Best Innovative Entertainment Service in The Best Mobile Service […]

Hi folks! Long time no hear, sorry about that! However I have a very good reason for my radio silence. That is to say I just got back from the U.S. where I spent two weeks with Mikko Rantanen. Interesting weeks, lots of great stuff happened and I can honestly say we are more than […]

  During the last nine years I have spent quite a lot time on the golf courses with junior golfers. An annual series of events, called Free Drop Junior Golf, was born already in 2003, when Kalle Väinölä and I decided to offer young children and teens free golf holidays in several golf courses in […]