One of the ”categories” we can choose as a theme to our blog post is Golf Fun. Golf should be FUN, right? Most of time it definitely is FUN! There was very nice 7-page cover story in Finnish Golf Magazine’s the latest edition (5/2012) about Golf GameBook.Founders Mane & Kalle underlined specifically that at the […]

All of us have an idol or role model, and although not all are prepared to grant we all have our favorite player(s), whose interesting moves we follow relentlessly. I started to play golf when I was 11 years old and still remember very well the first major tournament I watched from TV. It was […]

As everyone has probably noticed, blog’s title is “The Future of Golf” – a fascinating subject, isn’t it? Finnish golfers will surely remember the debate from couple of years ago, around commitment & non-commitment playing. Here in Finland we still are in that fortunate position that number of golfers has increased every year. Someone says […]

This is the first blog post by our latest entrant to the GameBook team, Olli Lehtonen. He is our new Marketing Manager, also an avid golfer, triathlon lover, and something that maybe will surprise you. Read more here below. What makes a person to travel to North Korea? Or to swim, cycle and run almost […]

  This years Ryder Cup is approaching and that brings my friend and Georgia Tech golf team mate Stewart Cink into my mind. As you might know Stewart is a 5-time Ryder Cup player and the 2009 British Open Champion, in other words, he already has an amazing golf career. I am privileged to know […]

  In the GameBook office we have a nice photo wall of the many great golf professionals and the real golf legends that some of my colleagues have had an honor to meet. Speaking of legendary persons brings the topic of legendary golf events into my mind. Especially the classic, the Ryder Cup. During my […]

    Inspired by the legendary golf tournament the Ryder Cup, the GameBook Cup launches as the first transatlantic golf challenge of its kind ever. And of course, experienced team captains have been nominated; Team USA has British Open Champion Stewart Cink as the Captain, and Team Europe is led by European Tour golfer Johan […]