This time every year it is starting to feel like autumn and summer has come and gone just a bit too quickly. There aren’t many people who are happily waiting for the summer to end, but this year there happens to be a gentleman in Edinburgh, Scotland who is anxiously waiting for some of the […]

I had the pleasure of visiting Scotland last week with GameBook’s Co-founder Mikko Manerus and VP Sales & Marketing Kimmo Ekroth. On the agenda was business and golf… and I got to tell you, there was plenty of both involved in those couple of days. As always, it was an inspiring experience visiting Scotland – […]

I got some souvenirs from The 2013 PGA Merchandise Show where GameBook’s team visited last weekend. Those souvenirs I’m talking about here are the latest golf magazines. In the latest issue of Golf World there’s a good column on page 15: “ A healthy message from the game.” As we know, golf can be good […]