GameBook is all about enhancing your golf experience. This naturally includes all the 26 different game formats that you can play, our pro-style live scoring and the nearly endless social opportunities. But not only that. We offer our users the chance to compete in different contests and win themselves golf experiences that money can’t buy. […]

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This time every year it is starting to feel like autumn and summer has come and gone just a bit too quickly. There aren’t many people who are happily waiting for the summer to end, but this year there happens to be a gentleman in Edinburgh, Scotland who is anxiously waiting for some of the […]


“Prepare to play at least 20 rounds in 14 days to have even the slightest possibility to beat me”, said Robert “Robban” Andersson to motivate his challengers before Golf GameBook’s Beat Robban challenge started on Monday 1st of September. One man did that, played exactly 20 rounds in two weeks and beat both Robban and […]


We are ready to offer some lucky and talented golfers the golfing adventure of a lifetime as the national finals of Volvo World Golf Challenge will be played in both Sweden and Austria this weekend. From these national finals golfers will qualify for the Volvo World Golf Challenge World Final, often referred to as the world’s […]


It was a year 2000. Two Norwegian friends travelled to North Carolina to visit a friend and play some golf. They took a match against two Americans and decided that their yearly tournament will be named after the result of the match; the winning team will be mentioned first. Ever since they have played Euro […]


I am reading an email I’ve just got. “…You can call me for the interview, but bear in mind that I play golf every day and may not be able to answer. Best timing could be, when you see me finishing a game”, it says. The email has been sent to me by Robert “Robban” […]


It’s that time of the year again. This Saturday I will lead my team as a captain of Team Europe. We are aiming for back-to-back win against Team USA. It will be the 7th edition of The Cider Cup, biennial team matchplay tournament between two teams and a dozen good friends. We will play golf. […]